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M772 Flame retardant self fusing silicone tape

(Medium Voltage Fusion Tape)



To provide high temperature insulating protection for outdoor and indoor bus-bar in switch up to 35kV.Compare with heat shrinkable materials, it’s more suitable for applicable to substation insulation protection. Also provide insulation protection to the electrical power system of mine and oil field where the open fire cannot be used.



Made from modified elastomeric materials, flame retardant

Excellent insulation and chemical properties

Resistance to ozone, antioxidant, UV-resistant

Operating temperature: -60 to 220

Heat shock 300

Self-amalgamation properties make it easy to cover and take off from the articles. The material only sticky to itself, very convenience for testing and repair.

Ease of use for installation without heating and tools, reduce installation time and cost.

Standard color:  red , yellow, green, grey


Technical properties:


Testing method

Typical data

Tensile strength

ASTM D 2671


Elongation at break

ASTM D 2671


Dielectric strength

IEC 243


Volume resistance

IEC 93


Dielectric constant

IEC 250



ISO 4589






Related information:

The product is supplied as rolls of specified dimensions with release paper and packed in a box.

Recommend to store in the original packing, protected from moisture, dust, heat and sunlight.


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